support checklist

  • 1.

    Check all cables

    It may be an obvious first step however computer cables can come loose especially computers that are under desks or located in areas where computers can get moved accidently. Remove or unscrew all cables and check for dust or damage then carefully reconnect.

  • 2

    Is it a software problem?

    Are you having problem starting windows? Opening a game or application? Does your game, windows or application start correctly then crash immediately or some time after? Software problems may be resolved by re-installing or updating them to the latest version.

  • 3.

    Is it a hardware problem?

    Does windows start but your keyboard doesn't work? Does your game start then displays corrupted video images? Has your computer started to behave randomly whilst gaming? Many hardware problems are resolved by installing the latest drivers or they could be early signs of other issues.

did you know?

  • always run the latest drivers

    Software and hardware manufacturers continuously release updated drivers to improve performance and stability. Always update your game and any graphics drivers to the latest version.
  • clean out dust to improve performance

    Computers generate heat and are cooled by rotating miniature fans that accumulate dust decreasing performance over time. Remove dust regularly using canned air or vacuum with a very soft bristle.

    avoid installing unknown applications

    A stable gaming and office computer is a happy computer. Never install unknown, untested applications from unverified companies and sites that could introduce malware and slow down your rig.

here to help

We'll make things right one step at a time

Computers are complex mixes of multiple hardware devices all controlled by different software, cable and hardware configurations. This sometimes makes diagnosing computer related problems time consuming requiring a methodical and logical process to solve.

Our support system will take you through a series of logical steps to determine the potential cause of your problem and offer a remedy. You don't always need to be technical but enthusiastic enough to make small changes via windows under our guidance.

Hardware related issues are more difficult to diagnose and may require the case to be opened and components physically inspected or replaced. We do not advise ioware customers to open their gaming rigs unless they contact support first due to safety concerns.

If ioware support cannot resolve your issue via phone or support we will ask you to send your gaming rig back to us for service. All ioware computers come with a peace of mind 12 month Australian warranty*

PHONE SUPPORT: 1300 058 058 (MON-FRI 9am - 5pm) AEST


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