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ioware is a trademark of intellicraft pty ltd

ABN: 51 121 370 367
ACN: 121 370 367

Factory 1, 150 Northern Road
Heidelberg Heights 3081
Melbourne Victoria Australia

(Factory site is restricted and not open to the public)

postal address

PO BOX 380
Bulleen Victoria 3105
Melbourne Victoria Australia

(Send your letters, samples, warranty and cheque/money order payments here)

media enquiries

All media enquiries should be forwarded to

sample submissions

Do you have samples that should be used in ioware gaming rigs? Do you wish to clear stock and need a new sales channel complimenting your brand with ours? Send all samples to the above postal address. Samples cannot be returned.

advertising & partnerships

ioware is currently seeking partnerships with all computer hardware/software and gaming parts vendors. This includes partnerships with digital download platforms like Steam to bundle vouchers with all ioware gaming rigs. Please contact us via email for any partnership opportunities between your brand and ours.

orders & payment

ioware gaming rigs will be released via limited edition pre-orders with payment via EFT or cheque/money order only (More information coming soon). ioware gaming rigs will be released into the Australian market first.

ioware is a AAA trademark of intellicraft pty ltd. ©2018 All rights reserved. Made in Melbourne.